The big reveal!

White wings was a romance novel I had never heard of. Considering or was printed in 1897, that doesnt come as much of a suprise!

I found this book at a local thrift store. It was in bad shape. There were pages missing, torn and lost forever. The binding was ripped nearly in half, it's pages separated completely.

As a lover of literature I bought it immediately. But upon trying toread it discovered more pages missing. While admiring the sensations of the paper, I decided that this book could be beautiful again.

I made some beautiful paper flowers with the beautiful naturally antiqued paper. But I kept coming back to this beautiful binding.

After stitching it back together I decided it was going to be a journal. Not just any journal a writers journal, a poets muse, an artists sketchbook.

Of course it depends entirely on the owner, but this journal begs to be creative, inspiring, and alive again!!!

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