The big reveal!

White wings was a romance novel I had never heard of. Considering or was printed in 1897, that doesnt come as much of a suprise!

I found this book at a local thrift store. It was in bad shape. There were pages missing, torn and lost forever. The binding was ripped nearly in half, it's pages separated completely.

As a lover of literature I bought it immediately. But upon trying toread it discovered more pages missing. While admiring the sensations of the paper, I decided that this book could be beautiful again.

I made some beautiful paper flowers with the beautiful naturally antiqued paper. But I kept coming back to this beautiful binding.

After stitching it back together I decided it was going to be a journal. Not just any journal a writers journal, a poets muse, an artists sketchbook.

Of course it depends entirely on the owner, but this journal begs to be creative, inspiring, and alive again!!!

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One crazy summer!!!

Hello friends, I have been MIA for way to long. First my surgery, then the summer of 100 street fairs (at least that's how it feels)!

This year we did Park Silly Sunday Market:
Packed with tens of thousands of people from all over the world, from all walks of life!

The show began June 19th this year but my work began much before then!
I started this little flower business with only about a dozen pieces ready. That just wouldn't do. I couldn't go to a show of this caliber with only a dozen pieces! So I made over 250 new items in the span of a week to prepare for this show. Not to mention display racks, business cards, paint, ect!

We started with ink, then went to spray paint and only about 6 colors. Now at the end of the summer we have over 16 colors.
We started with only a few things...earrings, a necklace or two...some bobby pins...

NOW we have head bands, book marks, earrings, necklaces snap barrettes, french barrettes, bobbies, broaches, clips...and so much more!!! They are all available in every size shape and color!

SO what are our colors you ask?
Cherry Red
Ocean blue
sun yellow
purpleHunter green
Apple green
Sea side green

Now the beginnings of a crazy summer have already been introduced, yes?

BUT wait theres more!
Shortly after the show started, I was featured on a gift guide on Etsy...Suddenly I was selling my Sun yellow earrings like hotcakes to this date I think half of my on-line sales are from those earrings!

Then I had a wedding order for 50 flowers!!!

AND a consignment agreement for 50 items as well! (rumor has it we are HUGE in Missouri)
This is how our summer started... One show and we realized our tiny little peg board would no longer sustain our booming business. So we upgraded!!!

Moving on we started experimenting with color combinations and came up with our two tones! They are SUPER adorable! And with the two tones came three tones for the 4th of july! I didnt have a single one left of these this year! One day on display an they were GONE!!

The next items to take popularity as I made more and more, and expiremented more and more are now known as the Nakeds...Hold up now, they are not vulgar...they are just not painted...therefore the paper that once was still shows through. This include magazine paper, brown paper bags, yellow pages, and ect. Once I introduced the yellow pages flowers, though...I couldn't keep them on the racks!

THis went on for weeks. the present time...The summer rush is over, we now stock over 500 items! We have grown faster than our britches could keep up with us!

So again we upgrade our we are a 10 by 10 space...with a canopy, and grid walls...We almost look like a real store! I cant believe the growth we have accomplished this year! I only hope that next year will be just as big! (and maybe ill be able to afford an assistant! )

We are also being featured in a magazine thanks to the great consignment opportunity we have had in Missouri!

I am so excited for our new growth, and I want to thank all of you for sticking with us!

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Whimsical Wednesday

In the past I have always done a whimsical Wednesday giveaway. But when I moved last year, all my whimsy got packed up...and is still packed. SO today I am going to provide you all with an Etsy Whimsical Treasury!

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Updates, Features, New items, and more!!!

Hello everyone!

The paper flower is now a part of the Etsy Recyclers Guild!!!
Proud Member of the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Visit us at

I am very excited to be a part of this group!!!

I have been featured in several blogs lately!! Please take a moment to visit these blogs, and comment on my feature!

There are several others in the works as well! Stay tuned for more!

WE also have some new items listed over at the Paper Flower, and at Becki's designs.

3/4 " Red Star flower - made from recycle printer paper, painted red, and sealed with an acrylic sealer!

1" Inked star flower - made from recycled printer paper, inked with black, and sealed with an acrylic sealer.

3/4" Black Pearl Star Flower - made from recycle printer paper, painted black with pearl effect, and sealed with an acrylic sealer.

AND from Becki's Designs!

AND for some exciting Announcements!!!

The Paper flower will be attending 10 dates at the Park Silly Sunday Fair!!!
We can only bring our hair accessories, so jewelery will be quite limited, but I am working on some great new items to work around this restriction! I am excited to get my items out there to show off again!

Next bit of exciting news!! The Paper flower has been offered a Consignment!!! Starting next month...some items can be seen in a boutique!!!

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Walking down memory Lane...

So I took a nostalgic trip through some of my old posts on here...I miss scrapping and card making a great deal. But I still have no space to work in, so I'm kinda unable to at this time. We moved into a new house last august and invited my friend to move in as well. So we have no extra space. I have been contemplating turning our outdoor shed into a crafty oasis...BUT no power out their either.

I have always been pretty innovative at getting my space, but this is a challenge I haven't been able to figure out. It makes me sad to know that all my beautiful scrappy stuff is out in the garage collecting dust.

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New Listings!

We have summertime paper flowers now!!

Pink Ring!




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Featured Etsy Seller: Seen1

Today I am featuring Seen1 this will begin a month long eco friendly feature. Each shop I feature will be either; recycled, upcycled, re-purposed, or eco friendly.

So with out further ado:


All of these fabulous items are made from RECYCLED ADVERTISING BANNERS! How cool is that! They are so colorful so unique so...ECO FRIENDLY!!!

I have my eye on one or two of these amazing items!

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Saturday Creative Challenge

True to form as I reopen my shops, reacquaint myself with my blog, and reenter creativity...We are going to start back up with the challenges. I am sure this will be slow going to get back up again, but I think it could be a lot of fun. Now its been a long time since my last challenge. I think I will just use the same one I did then!


OK were all thinking about going green, carbon footprints, and consumption these days. Why not use your creativity to make something wonderful!!! Take something you had planned on throwing out, doesn't matter what, and make it into something else. It could be anything. Even if its a fun science experiment with your kids (pop bottle whirlpools!!)

You have a week to create your upcycled innovation! Post links to pictures here, and I will randomly select one comment as the winner of a special recycled gift...Hmmmmm I wonder what on earth that would be!?

Have fun!

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Returning to the land of the craft...

I have been lost in recovery, and publishing land for a long while. I am resurfacing from hard reality to come back to my whimsical world of creating.

Now some of you know that I am a writer also. I just entered the frightening world of Querying Literary Agents. This is known as the 7th ring of hell. I have written at least 20 query letters and have had them reviewed and I just cant seem to get it right. I don't know what I am missing, but its true what they say, writing the query is harder than writing a book.

I'm excited for this step in my life as I want my book to be published. I think the story is unique and is has great potential...but getting that uniqueness and potential out in 250 words is like squeezing back into your high-school jeans...Probable...yet painful. I have two other books at the halfway stage, and I am currently focusing on finishing those while I take a break from hell. Ive started a blog for all my writer endeavors over at live journal. If anyone wants to take a gander,

NOW On to more exciting and crafty related news!

Shops are now reopened for business. Its been a long time coming but I am ready to get this movin! So Check out the updated links on me blog! And come and see me!

OOOH also I now have a Facebook page for The Paper Flower! Come follow me for links and giveaways too! ALSO you will get to see NEW items BEFORE they are posted in the shop! Exclusive insider info too!

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Hello everyone. I know I keep making promises to my readers, this blog thing is gonna happen soon I promise. I just had my surgery, and am in recovery mode. I dont know how long it will take for me to be back up to snuff, but when I am just better all watch out. I am brewing up ideas even as I lie here stitched up, and crazy on pain meds. I am excited, and feel like I have a whole new outlook on art and life in general.

You just keep watching, because soon...I will blow you away!

And, a little FYI.

My shops are closed down while I recover. I will have no way to list and ship while stuck in this bed, so...stay tuned. I will tell you all when we are back up and running again!

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A time for change...

Happy new years to all...Its time for a change in life every year bringing new beginnings...we all feel it in our heart but seldom follow it...this year...I vow...NAY I WILL BE HAPPY...come what may...Nothing will drag me down...I will succeed and i will thrive!

Now...this blog is dedicated to everything that is creative...I am an incredibly creative person and even in my sleep I am creating...My paper flowers came to me in a dream...half of the chapters in my books come to me in my dreams...

I vow to be published
I vow to have success in my business
and I vow to have my life in order! THIS is my resolution...

For all those around me, who follow me, love me, hope for me...I wish you all the best too...I will pray for you (though in my own way) and you will always have a place in my heart...Each one of you weather you have just commented on my blog...or you follow me...Or if your a great all have a special place...and you make me strong!

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