Back in the saddle...Again

Hello Crafters? Long time no see. Yea its been a minute. Well a lot has happened since this blog was very active. Living in a household of 2 families and 7 people tends to get computer time to a minimum. Also my 12 year old is in competition level softball so that takes a ton of my time as well. Im still crafting every day...I don't think I could live with out that in my life. I am going to play catch up over the course of the next few weeks.

That being said, I am doing National Novel Writing Month so you can take those promises with a grain of would be best to expect something by the latest. Right now I am in a lil of creativity, mostly because all my time is spent trying to get my daily word count out for NaNo.

Most shows are on hold because softball is all summer long and well...There is no time for shows. I hope to one day get back into them, but right now were just on etsy. The paper flower business really took off there for a while, so we are rebuilding right now. I have redesigned my creating space, it is almost done, still a few things to do. So stay tuned More to come...eventually!

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