Back in the saddle...Again

Hello Crafters? Long time no see. Yea its been a minute. Well a lot has happened since this blog was very active. Living in a household of 2 families and 7 people tends to get computer time to a minimum. Also my 12 year old is in competition level softball so that takes a ton of my time as well. Im still crafting every day...I don't think I could live with out that in my life. I am going to play catch up over the course of the next few weeks.

That being said, I am doing National Novel Writing Month so you can take those promises with a grain of would be best to expect something by the latest. Right now I am in a lil of creativity, mostly because all my time is spent trying to get my daily word count out for NaNo.

Most shows are on hold because softball is all summer long and well...There is no time for shows. I hope to one day get back into them, but right now were just on etsy. The paper flower business really took off there for a while, so we are rebuilding right now. I have redesigned my creating space, it is almost done, still a few things to do. So stay tuned More to come...eventually!

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Taking photos - Tutorial

Recently its come to my attention that I might actually take good pictures of my items...I still think they are crap, but I guess thats the perfectionist in me. SO I decided that it was time to write my own little tutorial.

The basics -

First you need a camera. You dont need to go all fancy dancy, and it really doesnt matter what camera you get
so long as you have the following features.

1 - Macro (this is the MOST important all others are just nice to have)

Your camera needs to have a macro setting, this usually is the setting with the flower. The macro setting is for taking detailed upclose pictures. I have a pretty darn awesome came
ra with 12 MP and more gadgets and bells and whistles than I know what to do with. I am learning, bit i still use my point and click macro setting for ALL my pictures! This is a MUST!!

2 - You need white balance.
Now this is going to be trickier as it is in a different place on every camera, usually its in a menu of some kind. BUT You need to set your white balance to the type of light you are using. We will get into light sources in a minute. T
he option for white balance are:
  • Day light
  • Fluorescent
  • Incandescent
In some of the higher end models you will see

  • Cloudy
  • Flash
So if you are taking photos in the sun, you use daylight, If you are using a fluorescent lamp, you use the fluorescent setting, If you are using regular yellow light bulbs you use incandescent.

3- You need Flash compensation, this function is to allow your camera to use up more available light, or less depending upon your need. Again we will go into that later.

Thats it folks, and most of your point and shoots will have these features. I do suggest 8MP or higher for your camera.

OK NEXT step is light source. Its hard to get great pics with out a uniform backround and a excellent light source.

Option one:


This is available to use every single day AND its free! I like to sit on my porch when there is a shade covering most of it. Early morning, or evening hours are the best. natural light also gives your items the truest colors.

What you need for indirect sunlight photos.

A small tripod (i got mine and kmart for 20 bucks)
Props if you wish
a ruler for size comparison

Set your item on a flat surface, and set your camera down on the same surface. Using the macro setting, and changing your White balance to Daylight, let your camera focus on the item first. Most cameras you can hold down the button half way and you will get a green bar that says its focused. Once you get that take the shot!

NOW take a look at the shot in your veiw finder, keeping in mind that this little screen will NOT show you the same results as your computer screen. Does it seem dark? If you think the shot is dark adjust the flash compensation to allow more light into the shutters. Start with just one or two. Too much light will make your photo look grainy, and washed out.

If your not sure upload the photo first and then decide if it needs adjusting. 9 times out of 10 it wont!

Second light source is a light box.

Now some of you are thinking, "Holy cow, thats expensive, how do you do that!" and many other curses may be escaping your lips, but rest assure there are cheap easy ways to make a light box, or a simple inexpensive folding box will do.

You can use fabric and a card board box to make a perfectly fuctional light box. My first one was and it took shots like this:

Now, with a light box you need lights. Some of the fold up kind come with lights, but they are dim, and give off a yellow hue. STAY AWAY FROM THE YELLOW LIGHTS PEOPLE! I only use WHITE light ever.
SO how do I get this white light you ask?

SIMPLE i go to and old department store (k mart, target, shopko, walmart) and buy the ten dollar desk lamps that fold, you know the pixar lamp! I have two of those. THEN its off to the hardware store and i get a big old shop lamp. Its a metal dish that clamps on to a wall. (pics are coming)
The shiny metal surface provides a reflective light source that really b
rightens up the space!!!

The light bulbs are also essential. You need to buy fluorescent DAYLIGHT bulbs. They are great because they take so little energy to use!

Shoot the same way you would in natural light. Only you will be using your Flash compensation much more here. Make sure the walls of your box are saturated in light. Look for tutorials online about building a box. Its really easy! AND if you need help just email me! I love to help my fellow artist!

Anblathpaipeir [at] comcast dot net

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Getting back into the swing of things

Trying it out, testing the waters. I feel like I havnt had a free moment in forever! Last year was crazy and the paper flower business took off! I spent most of my time making more little flowers! On top of that, I attempted the big challenge of getting published. One was successful, and one has been put on the back burner.

I still write, All the time, but I am thinking of rewriting my first novel before attempting submissions. I also have 3 other novels in the works. My grammar is frightening, so I hope it works out. I do love to write!

I plan on several new items this year, ideas are forming in my mind as we speak. New items introduced, possibly new colors. Also, hypo allergenic posts will be available this year. Then we will be completely nickel free!

Our book cover journal was a complete success! It was only in our shop for about a month and it was gone! I am so thrilled that they have been received with acceptance. There are more to come, including a 19th century french dictionary cover!!

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The big reveal!

White wings was a romance novel I had never heard of. Considering or was printed in 1897, that doesnt come as much of a suprise!

I found this book at a local thrift store. It was in bad shape. There were pages missing, torn and lost forever. The binding was ripped nearly in half, it's pages separated completely.

As a lover of literature I bought it immediately. But upon trying toread it discovered more pages missing. While admiring the sensations of the paper, I decided that this book could be beautiful again.

I made some beautiful paper flowers with the beautiful naturally antiqued paper. But I kept coming back to this beautiful binding.

After stitching it back together I decided it was going to be a journal. Not just any journal a writers journal, a poets muse, an artists sketchbook.

Of course it depends entirely on the owner, but this journal begs to be creative, inspiring, and alive again!!!

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One crazy summer!!!

Hello friends, I have been MIA for way to long. First my surgery, then the summer of 100 street fairs (at least that's how it feels)!

This year we did Park Silly Sunday Market:
Packed with tens of thousands of people from all over the world, from all walks of life!

The show began June 19th this year but my work began much before then!
I started this little flower business with only about a dozen pieces ready. That just wouldn't do. I couldn't go to a show of this caliber with only a dozen pieces! So I made over 250 new items in the span of a week to prepare for this show. Not to mention display racks, business cards, paint, ect!

We started with ink, then went to spray paint and only about 6 colors. Now at the end of the summer we have over 16 colors.
We started with only a few things...earrings, a necklace or two...some bobby pins...

NOW we have head bands, book marks, earrings, necklaces snap barrettes, french barrettes, bobbies, broaches, clips...and so much more!!! They are all available in every size shape and color!

SO what are our colors you ask?
Cherry Red
Ocean blue
sun yellow
purpleHunter green
Apple green
Sea side green

Now the beginnings of a crazy summer have already been introduced, yes?

BUT wait theres more!
Shortly after the show started, I was featured on a gift guide on Etsy...Suddenly I was selling my Sun yellow earrings like hotcakes to this date I think half of my on-line sales are from those earrings!

Then I had a wedding order for 50 flowers!!!

AND a consignment agreement for 50 items as well! (rumor has it we are HUGE in Missouri)
This is how our summer started... One show and we realized our tiny little peg board would no longer sustain our booming business. So we upgraded!!!

Moving on we started experimenting with color combinations and came up with our two tones! They are SUPER adorable! And with the two tones came three tones for the 4th of july! I didnt have a single one left of these this year! One day on display an they were GONE!!

The next items to take popularity as I made more and more, and expiremented more and more are now known as the Nakeds...Hold up now, they are not vulgar...they are just not painted...therefore the paper that once was still shows through. This include magazine paper, brown paper bags, yellow pages, and ect. Once I introduced the yellow pages flowers, though...I couldn't keep them on the racks!

THis went on for weeks. the present time...The summer rush is over, we now stock over 500 items! We have grown faster than our britches could keep up with us!

So again we upgrade our we are a 10 by 10 space...with a canopy, and grid walls...We almost look like a real store! I cant believe the growth we have accomplished this year! I only hope that next year will be just as big! (and maybe ill be able to afford an assistant! )

We are also being featured in a magazine thanks to the great consignment opportunity we have had in Missouri!

I am so excited for our new growth, and I want to thank all of you for sticking with us!

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Whimsical Wednesday

In the past I have always done a whimsical Wednesday giveaway. But when I moved last year, all my whimsy got packed up...and is still packed. SO today I am going to provide you all with an Etsy Whimsical Treasury!

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Updates, Features, New items, and more!!!

Hello everyone!

The paper flower is now a part of the Etsy Recyclers Guild!!!
Proud Member of the Etsy Recyclers Guild Team Visit us at

I am very excited to be a part of this group!!!

I have been featured in several blogs lately!! Please take a moment to visit these blogs, and comment on my feature!

There are several others in the works as well! Stay tuned for more!

WE also have some new items listed over at the Paper Flower, and at Becki's designs.

3/4 " Red Star flower - made from recycle printer paper, painted red, and sealed with an acrylic sealer!

1" Inked star flower - made from recycled printer paper, inked with black, and sealed with an acrylic sealer.

3/4" Black Pearl Star Flower - made from recycle printer paper, painted black with pearl effect, and sealed with an acrylic sealer.

AND from Becki's Designs!

AND for some exciting Announcements!!!

The Paper flower will be attending 10 dates at the Park Silly Sunday Fair!!!
We can only bring our hair accessories, so jewelery will be quite limited, but I am working on some great new items to work around this restriction! I am excited to get my items out there to show off again!

Next bit of exciting news!! The Paper flower has been offered a Consignment!!! Starting next month...some items can be seen in a boutique!!!

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