Getting back into the swing of things

Trying it out, testing the waters. I feel like I havnt had a free moment in forever! Last year was crazy and the paper flower business took off! I spent most of my time making more little flowers! On top of that, I attempted the big challenge of getting published. One was successful, and one has been put on the back burner.

I still write, All the time, but I am thinking of rewriting my first novel before attempting submissions. I also have 3 other novels in the works. My grammar is frightening, so I hope it works out. I do love to write!

I plan on several new items this year, ideas are forming in my mind as we speak. New items introduced, possibly new colors. Also, hypo allergenic posts will be available this year. Then we will be completely nickel free!

Our book cover journal was a complete success! It was only in our shop for about a month and it was gone! I am so thrilled that they have been received with acceptance. There are more to come, including a 19th century french dictionary cover!!

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