On the mend...sortof...

My absence started slowly by me returning back to work and having NO time to do the things I love. It has slowly deteriorated into a very long illness. I am starting to feel better after nearly needing a blood transfusion in January. Though I will soon have to go in for surgery so I will be back down again for a while. The details are pretty graphic about my illness so I wont go into them here, but the pain has been mostly unbearable for many months. Between November and February I hardly got out of bed. Since March I have been able to get out of bed and sit on the couch with heating pads and pillows propped all around me. Just this last two weeks I have felt well enough to do an hours worth of house work and sit at the computer. I am excited to be back but It will be short lived I will be down again for 6 weeks after the surgery. Hopefully I will be able to use a laptop still!

In other news I started writing a book in my boredom. While I was in bed I had a lap top I could use and it has just filled me with joy to see something in my mind come to life. I dont know if it will ever be published, but those that have read it are blown away. Im not even half way through it but I am very excited about every page I finish, every plot twist and every word. I am in love with my charactors to the point where I cried for a day when I discovered I had to kill one...

I have also reopened both of my Etsy shops so please check them out! And thanks for reading!

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