Updates, Pictures, Ramblings and More!

Hello everyone! I am just posting some random things today!! Wanted to check with everyone out there to see how they are coming along on their challenges. Post a comment and let me know! Post me some links to some progress pictures I am very excited to see what may come of it!

Look around a bit you will notice I have pimped out my blog a bit added tweet this, retweet and stumble upon buttons SO if you like what you see throw out a line! AND thanks to everyone for helping this blog move forward! I am very excited for things to come!

As I have said before I have made some great new flowers out of recycled materials I will be tackling my next recycling attempt when I make some paper! Stay tuned for that!!!

I have also recently starting making jewelry again. Its been quite a while since I have been able to do more than look at my beads with out being overwhelmed! Thankfully my creativity block has receded and I'm feeling well again!

SO here is a preview of things coming up in both my shops!! Keep watching out! They will be arriving soon! ALSO a message to all you fellow beaders and jewelry makers out there! I have destashed a great deal of beads, findings, charms and ect in my Jewelry Shop. The items are super cheep Check it out today!!

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