Saturday Creative Challenge

True to form as I reopen my shops, reacquaint myself with my blog, and reenter creativity...We are going to start back up with the challenges. I am sure this will be slow going to get back up again, but I think it could be a lot of fun. Now its been a long time since my last challenge. I think I will just use the same one I did then!


OK were all thinking about going green, carbon footprints, and consumption these days. Why not use your creativity to make something wonderful!!! Take something you had planned on throwing out, doesn't matter what, and make it into something else. It could be anything. Even if its a fun science experiment with your kids (pop bottle whirlpools!!)

You have a week to create your upcycled innovation! Post links to pictures here, and I will randomly select one comment as the winner of a special recycled gift...Hmmmmm I wonder what on earth that would be!?

Have fun!

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