One crazy summer!!!

Hello friends, I have been MIA for way to long. First my surgery, then the summer of 100 street fairs (at least that's how it feels)!

This year we did Park Silly Sunday Market:
Packed with tens of thousands of people from all over the world, from all walks of life!

The show began June 19th this year but my work began much before then!
I started this little flower business with only about a dozen pieces ready. That just wouldn't do. I couldn't go to a show of this caliber with only a dozen pieces! So I made over 250 new items in the span of a week to prepare for this show. Not to mention display racks, business cards, paint, ect!

We started with ink, then went to spray paint and only about 6 colors. Now at the end of the summer we have over 16 colors.
We started with only a few things...earrings, a necklace or two...some bobby pins...

NOW we have head bands, book marks, earrings, necklaces snap barrettes, french barrettes, bobbies, broaches, clips...and so much more!!! They are all available in every size shape and color!

SO what are our colors you ask?
Cherry Red
Ocean blue
sun yellow
purpleHunter green
Apple green
Sea side green

Now the beginnings of a crazy summer have already been introduced, yes?

BUT wait theres more!
Shortly after the show started, I was featured on a gift guide on Etsy...Suddenly I was selling my Sun yellow earrings like hotcakes to this date I think half of my on-line sales are from those earrings!

Then I had a wedding order for 50 flowers!!!

AND a consignment agreement for 50 items as well! (rumor has it we are HUGE in Missouri)
This is how our summer started... One show and we realized our tiny little peg board would no longer sustain our booming business. So we upgraded!!!

Moving on we started experimenting with color combinations and came up with our two tones! They are SUPER adorable! And with the two tones came three tones for the 4th of july! I didnt have a single one left of these this year! One day on display an they were GONE!!

The next items to take popularity as I made more and more, and expiremented more and more are now known as the Nakeds...Hold up now, they are not vulgar...they are just not painted...therefore the paper that once was still shows through. This include magazine paper, brown paper bags, yellow pages, and ect. Once I introduced the yellow pages flowers, though...I couldn't keep them on the racks!

THis went on for weeks. the present time...The summer rush is over, we now stock over 500 items! We have grown faster than our britches could keep up with us!

So again we upgrade our we are a 10 by 10 space...with a canopy, and grid walls...We almost look like a real store! I cant believe the growth we have accomplished this year! I only hope that next year will be just as big! (and maybe ill be able to afford an assistant! )

We are also being featured in a magazine thanks to the great consignment opportunity we have had in Missouri!

I am so excited for our new growth, and I want to thank all of you for sticking with us!

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