Etsy Store Featured Artists: Creative Sundries

Your Name: Sarah and Carol
Business Name: Creative Sundries
Etsy Shop Name: Creative Sundries
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From Their Profile:

We are a mother-daughter/friend-friend team in Minnesota. We love being part of Etsy!

We specialize in vintage treasures and unusual ephemera, as well as handmade ATCs, note cards, crocheted cuffs, and jewelry.

From our On-line Interview:
What do you find most challenging as an artist?
So many ideas, sometimes it's a challenge to choose one idea and go with it.
What do you find most challenging as an artist trying to do business?
Balancing creative time with networking and the business side.

What do you love about your creations?
We have fun making them, and hope that they convey a spirit of childlike wonder and also cuteness and kitschiness. :-)

Do you have a favorite piece you wish you could keep? I thought about keeping this tattoo bottle, but I'm not that much of a tattoo person:

Anything else you wish to say!?
**we really love being part of etsy; everyone is so creative, generous, and awesome!

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creativesundries said...

Thanks for the awesome feature!!
Your blog looks great!

Sarah :-)