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Kalicat has trained in jewellery at Central St Martins and Hatton Gardens, in London. Mom of 2, she says: "I keep sane by painting and illustrating Fashion, jewelry-making and dreaming about all the things I will create in the near future".

Each item may be made in gold, sterling silver or base metal, with the stones of your choice when available.

Discounts & Sales...
From time to time, I will offer a sale or a discount on my jewellery, if you would like to be notified of upcoming promotions, please contact me with your email address

Custom Orders
Do not hesitate to contact me if you want me to create something special for you, need something to be customized, or like something already sold.

Please contact me with any questions or requests for bespoke pieces.
All purchases are packaged ready to offer. In addition, a hand written card addressed to the recipient can also be added. Just let me know.
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About me:
I am an artist and illustrator,
I am a member #20 of Etsy Eclectic Jewelry Artisans, visit us at
I am also a member of the Art Jewelry Collective
I am a Self Representing Artist Jewelry Designer - SRAJD #0551

Your Name: Catherine Marche
Business Name: Kalicat Designs
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What do you find most challenging as an artist?
Working alone, I find it quite isolating and lonely at times.
Otherwise, I really enjoy coming up with new ideas all the time, and dealing with commissions from a brief. I am happy taking commissions for jewelry and illustrations/paintings.
I also paint and illustrate, and my work has been exhibited internationally, is in private and corporate collections in several countries. I particularly enjoy creating jewellery or invitations for weddings and engagements.
It is the biggest satisfaction for me to see sparkles in the eyes and a huge smile of delight on a client's face when they discover my creation.

What do you find most challenging as an artist trying to do business?

Also, the constant promotion and lookout for new venues is a big challenge, as most jobs only are from 9 to 5pm, being an artist is a whole different way of life. You think it, you dream it, you make it, you are IT :)

What do you love about your creations?
The versatility of them. It is fabulous being able to change and adapt depending on the music I am listening to, the materials I am dealing with, the colors I am inspired by, the words that come to my mind.
Sometimes, I will thing of a word (like Temptation), and create a line around it.
Sometimes, I will be inspired by a gemstone and create a setting around it to enhance its beauty
And of course, I am thrilled by the fact I deal with precious metals and stones, my favorites being diamonds, tourmaline's, pink sapphires and Rubies (at the moment).
I have also just seen some wonderful Sun stone gems which I know I will just have to purchase and create something for, probably with 18K or 22K gold.

Do you have a favorite piece you wish you could keep?

Yes, I do, mainly all of them :)
More seriously, I like this one, with a pink Topaz, message image
and my Mercury Ringmessage image
Oh and some Peridot and yellow 18k gold earrings and and and....

Anything else you wish to say!?
Oh yes! Thank you so much for featuring me and my creations.
I am working on a new collection which should be ready in Spring.
In the meantime, In honor of this lovely feature, I have a special discount for all your readers! Enter the code "90days05" in the message space when shopping and I will give you a discount of $5.00 on all my items on the site!
This offer in valid until 01 January 2008.

I also have a crocheted bracelet in sterling silver with freshwater pearls which will be featured in the book 1000 Jewelry Details by Rockport Publishers.
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