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From her Profile:
Pippit Carlington has been creating art ever since she was old enough to pick up a paintbrush. At age 5 she was
composing songs on the piano; teaching herself to play by ear. She often found herself re-designing things she saw around her, in 6Th grade she constructed the class mascot; a 4 foot-tall owl sculpted out of paper mache, and in junior high she began selling various art items she had made.

Over the years Pippit went on to receive formal art training at Callenwolde Center for the Arts, The Atlanta College of Art, and Atlanta Jeweler's School and

Pippit works in several mediums; including acrylics, watercolor, drawing, clay sculpture, and jewelry. A multicultural influence is evident in her work reflecting a diverse heritage of Iroquois Indian, Hawaiian, Russian Jewish, and French Canadian. She is strongly influenced by nature, political and social issues, and uses her art to educate the public.

From Our On-Line Interview:

My work is currently available also at these other online stores:

and if you plan to be in the Philadelphia area, starting in November you can find my work at:

VIX Emporium
5009 Baltimore Ave.
Philadelphia PA 19143

What do you find most challenging as an artist?
One of the methods I use is bead weaving, and using a graphed beading pattern has not come easily to me, so I tend to do better without one, although I feel I miss a lot I could be creating. I have graphed some beautiful, intricate patterns that I would love to execute if I could wrap my mind around it. It is easy to lose count of where you are, and that can be quite frustrating, not to mention time-consuming when you have to take out an entire row when the count is off.

I would also like to take classes to learn some new techniques, but have had to put that off until I can afford it and can find more classes in advanced techniques taught in my local area. In the meantime I compensate for that by learning as much as possible from books and trade magazines.

What do you find most challenging as an artist trying to do business?

What I find most challenging about being an artist in business is making a steady income from month to month. The money has been good some years, and very slim pickings during others. The economy since about 2003 has been very hard on my bottom line and I've found that a lot of people are afraid to spend money on anything that is not a necessity because of the price of gas, the lay-offs that have taken place in a lot of companies, and since the War in Iraq. I am a sole proprietor, so I'm often staying up nights to make up for lost income.

What do you love about your creations?

I make a lot of really innovative lines of jewelry, and those who connect with them really feel them on a deep level. I treat each piece as if it were a living being with its own soul, and my aim is to be able to convey that to the viewer and the wearer. My pieces are more than mere accessories; they express an essence that is meaningful, and a gift that keeps on giving.

Do you have a favorite piece you wish you could keep?

Anything else you wish to say!?
I like to use symbols of regeneration, growth, and resilience in my work. I have one line called Hollowform Broken Hearts with a jagged opening in the front and a gemstone dangle on the inside like a seed sprouting from cracks in the earth or an egg hatching, signifying that for every ending there's a new beginning, making room for new and wonderful experiences in the future.

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