I have finally finished organizing and setting up my scrap space! Its all done! Its FINITO!! Its just too pretty I don't want to mess it up by working on it! HA Phooey I have been scrapping anyway! SO...ONTO The photos!

This is a photo of my main work area Here i have everything I need at hand quickly. The desk is a fabulous thrift store find for 20 bucks and all the drawers measure at 14x14 so they are PERFECT!! AND I can ink it scratch it sand it and epoxy it and I DON'T CARE!! HA! (well to a certain extent I do BUT that's what its there for right!) The cute little shelf in the middle is an heirloom shelf from my mom so its special too me but it just makes all my scrappy colorful stuff look SOOOOO happy! Doesn't it! (close ups coming) Another FABULOUS find is the brown chest of drawers, I picked this up at a yard sale for 2 bucks and its perfect for storing A LOT of stuff it has my round stamp rollers, some chipboard, some accessories, some unfinished projects, some ink and just a perfect fit!

The Heirloom Shelf

Here you go as promised! On this shelf I store things that inspire me and things I like to look at because it is LITERALLY in my face as I'm working! SO i have my collection of 7Gyspies stamps that I LOVE!!They are huge and bulky but they are SO versatile and I use them A LOT so they're great These are are on the top because I need to look at them! :D Next we have some things That I made for myself for inspiration! Across from that my small but colorful paint collection. Then on the bottom I have cute tins full of goodies, I have felt ribbon, Primas, Jewels, gems, emboss powder, water color and my trusty stapler!

The Embellishment hangers

These are SOOOO easy to do! I have three more I want to hang! Just have to figure out where LOL! OK first Go to home depot and in their Curtain rod area they have a vast array of them. This is what I used (she photos) 5/16" swivel Sash rod 21"-38" This one is by Design View. I'm pretty sure you can find these just about anywhere and they were only $1.99.

Mounting them! OK so the first picture shows a mounted on Underneath a shelf in my closet where I scrap. The second one shows them mounted from wall to wall! If your going to do this into the wood of your shelf do yourself a favor and drill a hole FIRST!! Then Hang your rod on the hooks provided. Before you start adding your goodies to the rack you MUST brace the middle (see third pic) I used a Ceiling hook to hold the middle up and it keeps them VERY Sturdy! When Hanging from wall to wall there isn't much need to do this unless you are extending it out. In this case another form of anchor will be needed.

The Clips! OK So Some of these are Clip it up clips and others are ones that I found at the local craft store for much cheaper. They say on the packaging "badge clips" If you want to know for sure what I'm using go here
For the most part I have been using the off brand ones. You have to bend open the hanger on the clip with pliers so that they move on the rail fluidly! And your now on your way to organized scrappyness!

My cutting Station

I call this part my cutting station because I have all my card stock. My Cricut and Purple cow are over here. And This is also where I use my fierce tools Like My Dremmel tool and heat gun. All I have to do is swivel my chair around and I can start something in the cricut or cut my paper and go back to my desk This is SUCH a great set up for me! Everything is at my fingertips!

Well there you have it! I love to look at other people craft spaces too SO post yours in my comments I will look! Thanks!

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