What to do what to do....revisted

Thanks for the advice ladies! Both of your suggestions are very helpful! For right now we have decided that I will keep working at least until a bothersome loan is paid in full. (quickly) I know that my daughter wants me to be home too! And I know that she will be so happy to be able to walk to school again!

Some more information about my mother, Where to begin...Well about three years ago My mother and I had a great relationship we talked we did fun things together and we had a very nice give and take relationship. About this time we were hanging out together and she fell and broke both her knee caps on the pavement. I took care of her I helped her get to her doctors appointments and surgeries and took care of her when she was laid up! I lived with her neglecting the needs of my family so she would have the 24 hour care she needed. Because of these injuries her attitude changed she was depressed and she started saying some really hurtful things. Makes me feel guilty about money she lent to me when i was 16 (mind you this is almost 13 years ago!) She kept a running tab from the time i was sixteen and expected me to pay her back because she was unable to work anymore. This is about the time my depression took a deep rooted hold on me. She knows exactly how to play onto my guilt and she makes me miserable. FF to now...she just had her last surgery and all she keeps saying is you should quit your job so you can take care of me. My husband and I are so concerned about her being so needy of me and that means I don't take care of my own family needs. She makes it seem that I am more obligated to her then my own daughter and husband.

I'm still trying to recover emotionally from the last time i spent copious amounts of time with her...I am so not ready for another! I don't mean to sound cold towards her because she is my mom but I cant exactly efficiently explain how the situation is. I hope this helps explain away some of my reasoning's!

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