Etsy store featured artist: Vanessa Kimball

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Extraordinary..this shop is absolutely extraordinary! Its hip, its modern, its young, its colorful its.....stationary?? Cards and calendars?? Thats right stationary that is all this and more! So if you have something to say say it in style!

From the artist:

"I'm a graphic designer for a design company called Ekcetera Producitons.

I'm glued to my computer. I wonder if there's such thing as a design addiction. Oh and I'm also addicted to Lipsmackers lip gloss. Strawberry Kiwi to be exact. Don't judge. :)

I also enjoy interior decorating, tennis, music, painting, vintage, IKEa, listening to The Current,coffee table books and art.

You can also check out my blog. It's pretty random stuff.

If you need any custom work done please contact me. I'd be happy to work with you."

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