Etsy Store Featured Artist: So and Sew Crafty

So and Sew Crafty Has been sewing for over 30 Years! With that kind of experience you know you will be getting a GREAT quality item!

The Item featured at left is a onesie or todler t shirt called Take me to your Jungle! What a cute little monkey! This along with several other amazing other items are available in this amazing shop! From remote caddies to baby bibs you are sure to find what you need for EVERY occasion!

How about some holiday baby bibs SO cute! If I had a baby they would be mine!!! They are made with care and are absolutely perfect to go over that holiday outfit you dont want stained!

Another onsie or todler shirt This is a cute little michevious dragon! Perfect for the holidays! It has the imortal "I didnt do it" attitude!

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