Etsy Store Featured Artist: Tiffany Teske

OH MY GOODNESS....One cannot begin to use words to describe the lovely works in Tiffany Teske's Shop! They are so lovely and so risque with a vintage charm about them! I cant stop looking at them!
The item at the left is "A Journey for Many Souls" It is an Original Polaroid Image Transfer in 8x10 Archival Mat, Her professional and very technical description!
"To begin this unique photographic art I capture an image on slide film. The slide is then projected onto Polaroid pack film which is peeled prematurely. The “waste” side of the film pack, which contains processing chemicals, is then placed face down onto wet watercolour paper and brayed (rolled over with a print making brayer). The result is a one-of-a-kind hand-pulled photographic transfer of the original slide image. The original image can be transferred an unlimited number of times but the resulting transfer will always vary from the last. Each transfer is approximately 3 ½” by 4” in size and is hand signed (both on the image and the mat). This transfer comes with a hand cut, acid free, museum quality archival mat, which has outer dimensions of 8x10.

The first photograph is of the image as it shows through the mat opening. The second image is an example of a matted transfer (it is a generic image so may not match the image in photos 1 and 2). The third image is an example of the matted transfer in a frame (it is a generic image so may not match the image in photos 1 and 2)."

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