LOVIN this Digi stuff

Ok I have been SOOOO in love with doing digi's that I have even learned how to make my own elements! They are soooo much fun! I want to do nothing else! SO I made some stamps/brushes in PS CS and I have to say they turned out quite awesome! Shown in the Layout to the left are some cool stuff I have learned how to make! AH so much awesome funness! OK so underneath the smaller pic you will see some bubble wrap looking stuff YEA that's a bubble wrap stamp I made On photo shop! its a bit bigger than that but For placement reasons this is all you get to see! ALSO that fab scallop I made that too AND I can change it to WHATEVER color I WANT! So awesome!

On this LO I only made one of the elements That's the white scallop behind the pic! YEA it was sooo fun too! With digi there are NO scrap boundaries and NO limits! I am having so much fun! I still love my paper scrappin but I'm currently addicted to digi!

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The Creative Type said...

You are def. working the digital. I can understand how it becomes addictive, and less messy:)