Project Catwalk Week 5 Wall Hanging

This is my submission for the Project Catwalk Week5 at SIS tv...I missed last week but i was able to get this one done and BOY do my hands hurt! Our challenge was to make a wall hanging at least 4x6 with the primary material as DENIM! I had plenty of ideas flow through my brain as I picked through the thrift store trying to get some inspo....What i bought wasn't working for me at I didn't submit it till the last minute...naturally this is where i thrive... last minute procrastination! LOL SO i grab my supplies determined that i was going to make these thrift store finds I started painting..then i grabbed the jeans and started cutting and after an hour of deliberation on what that flower was going to look like....and after a VERY sore hand! (sewing denim SUX!!) I got the finished product! I am rather pleased with it...Everyone's submissions so far have been amazing also!

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Lori said...

Love that denim flower!!!! Great job on your project!!!