Update the ole blog - and other ramblings

Its all new!! And fresh and LOOOK at the cute little blog birdie!:D Ive added a lot of new stuff! MORE will be added too! I'm having lots of fun with it! Enjoy some of my favorite music that inspires me while I create! Music helps me a lot! I created a banner as well! Please see the side bar for credit given to the designers of the elements used! I really like this one a lot better! It flows better too! Enjoy!

Im kinda in a bit of a slow creative period because Ive been working loads of hours at work. We are down 4 people so we have 5 people doing the work of 9 or 10 its been rough...they wont be replacing any of the people we are down either! REALLY frustrating! Ive been searching for a new job I hope i get something here really soon! Also its back to school time so weve been getting ready for that. My daughter is the most excited second grader on the planet! She wants school to start right now! LOL!

"Creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual."
Arthur Koestler

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