I love it when mistakes turn out so wonderfully!

SO this layout was going to be my submission for SSC29 but I didnt read the rules completely and totally botched the challenge! I started over and all is well! But For this little mistake it turned out to be a rather awesome Lay out if I do say so myself! I got Cardboard right but not much else lol! I just saw this yellow card board from my DH's Doc Martin boots and had to cut it up and scrap it! SO i painted on it first and just let some stuff spew all over the place. The photo is from our western Carribian cruise we took in 2004. This is my daughter and my husband in a kayak on the beach! I am really loving clustering right now! I think all my Lay outs are starting to look the same LOL! Most of these things here came in kits so I don't know what they are as far as manufacturer but what i do remember is The Red swirly sticker is Hambly, The paper flowres are Primas, The stickers on the photo are MM The Go see do stamp and finger pointing stamp are Studio Calico Originals. The PP is American crafts, Notebook paper Unknown, the little button and crown were little embellies in a kit...either studio calico or Poppy ink dont know which!

Here is the real Submission for SSC#29 Rules were followed...It was a really hard one for me...I'm not sure why Perhaps it was the thoughts I had to write down...I have a constant thought stream at all times so catching one is REALLY hard..or that I had to end it in a question...felt unfinished. Whatever it was I do love this one it turned out fabulously! Great colors and just fun!

SSC#29 Rules:
".. I just had to come on ladies .. don't fret .. this week is easy breezy ..

So whatcha gonna do with some cardboard .. come on .. it is all around you .. just gotta figure out how and where .. dont matter just use it ..

1. Journaling: has to be about your thoughts .. and it can be as deep as you like or simple as you like .. but let's focus on that ..
2. Use notebook paper on your LO
3. Use at least 2-3 embellishments

1. End your journaling with a question
2. Use at least 2 photos on your LO "

SSC#30 Is already up and posted Check it out HERE!!

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shaina said...

i am loving both these layouts girl! job well done! :D

TracyP said...

HA! I so didn't know you were part of the Creative type!!! Very cool Beck:):) You already know I like the first LO...
And yeah I like the 2nd one too:)
I am tagging your Blog!