OH it is thee that stifles me!

I notice more and more what has been stifling my creativity...I work in a gray building with gray walls gray floors gray tile gray bathrooms grey break room grey EVERYWHERE I have NO windows NOTHING there is a small patch of grass outside I go and lay on during my break which helps break up the monotony of greyness that attacks me everyday! SO on top of the monotoned office they are constantly changing things every day and it gets so frustrating mostly because your already feeling drained because of the colors but because you feel how much more of my blood sweat and tears do they want!! Im TAPPED out! SO I have decided that I should probably look at other avenues because I MUST create! Otherwise my thoughts consume me! I really wish I could just stay home again...but I feel bad staying home when I have a child in school all the time now....Ah well we will see! Only time will tell!

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Aimee said...

your blog is grey too. i suggest pink!

Becki said...

OOOOH your so right! OMG! Im so changing it!

hollystar said...

i understand having your surrounding sucking the creativity out of you. i'm stuck in my laundry area right now. hoping to convert the garage with out my husband noticing. no, really. i dont plan on telling him and i really dont think he will notice.


good luck figuring out your space. might i recomend tons of altered frames and little toys/niknacks for your space???