Rockin The Challenge Blogs!

Im doin some challenges this weekend...and playin on the shopping challenge thread! It always gets me motivated to do the other challenges I love to do! SO I have a couple of LO's They are multiple challenges in one! I LOVE that! I feel so productive! :D

Ok so this one is the shopping challenge AND The story Matters Check out this blog for some GREAT challenges! I LOVE these! Ok so this weeks was Home is...Here is my take

Next Is a Triple treat Lay out! I did the Shopping challenge, OLW and Scrapjacked! :D
OLW - was Faith and Scrapjacked was THIS fabulous LO

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judean said...

your jack/olw layout came out great!

Anonymous said...

Love the layouts and all the challenges. Challenges do have a way of making you feel more creative.