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Quirkyn Berkeley

Oh Me Oh My There are some amazing cards going on in this shop! If you are looking for that truly one of a kind, completely unique, not your average Hallmark greeting card then you have hit the JACK POT!! From quilted cards to layered cards to origami gift boxes! You can definitely get what your looking for here! These are the kind of cards that take time and patience! All i have to say is WOW!! Check out this artists shop today!

From the words of the artist:

"Love paper. Love color. Love Berkeley. Love Etsy.
Beyond that, my style is eclectic and I love to experiment. I get completely absorbed in engineering my varied creations for hours. Each one is a new and unique production, made of treasures from my collection of paper and ephemera, transfigured into a single piece held together by a little glue, a lot of ideas, practice and work, and most of all, a great amount of joy. Some of my custom work can be viewed at Everything is made in a smoke free environment."

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Very nice; you write such positive features!