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The newest addition to the 90/90 challenge and I must say quite a talent at that! There are some amazing and lovely pendants Here that I would love to be mine! The art SO vivid, the photograhy breathtaking! Is there anything she cant do??? I am looking forward to seeing alot more amazing works come from this shop! I may have to get one of her pendants to make something truely amazing with....though I might have to keep it myself!

From the Artist:

"About Me

A college student fallen in love with crafting, I am also a photographer and on-again off-again digital painter.

I'm usually friendly (chances increase with presence of chocolate or coffee) and a little too loud, sometimes hyper and mostly crazy.

I don't bite, so don't be scared to say Hi.

Find me at:

My blog! (( ))
My deviantArt! (( ))

* Who makes the stuff in your shop?
- Everything in my shop is handmade with the exception of prints. The paintings and photographs are original by me but I send a .pdf file to my printer for the prints.

* Will you tell me how you make your stuff?
- Maybe. If you ask nicely I'll give you basic pointers on the medium, maybe even a quick tutorial.

* You charge too much!
- I put a lot of love and hard work into my items. I've spent money on equipment and lots of personal time into learning the techniques and styles I use.
I charge enough to cover material costs and the time I put into each hand-crafted item. Please respect that and pay the fair amount for an item you enjoy.

* I'm a jewelry designer and I love the beads/pendants/etc you used in this. Can I just buy the beads/pendants/etc.?
- Of course! Just convo me and we'll work it out. I'd love to the awesome things you create."

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